by Pope NiKhetMaat V

All attempts to define the undefinable entities of the Cthulhu Mythos (as described by H.P. Lovecraft & co.) appear doomed to failure, as they are "undimensioned and unseen" and cannot be bound in the Triangle or Sephiroth...the powers seem omnipresent. But here I go anyway, for the amusement of Cthulhu aficionados and/or those magickians dabbling with things eldritch & dark. Below I have attributed Cthulhoid entities to the Qliphotic Tree Of Death of the Hermetic Qabalah, resulting in a 'Slimy Edifice' as I prefer to call it in my Liber Tentaculorum. I have included Gematric values, some scant correlations & suggested minions - as always, work with them for further and more accurate insights.
You should image the following as constituting an averse Tree Of Life with the Sephiroth listed in reverse order:

10. UBBO-SATHLA. A festering, Gargantuan mass of protoplasmic slime, The Unbegotten Source of all Earthly life is incessantly vomiting forth and devouring its amoebal offspring like a gluttonous bride of bloated corpulence in a parody of the cosmic cycle that is existence in Malkuth.
Gematria value: 508 (UBBOSAThLA)
Related minions: Shoggoths, Chthonians.

9. GHATANOTHOA. Constantly changing, roiling, boiling and sanity-annihilating entity of unstability and utter repugnance - the seething mass of Ghatanothoa hints at Lunar influence below its most mirksome level, leaving hapless witnesses as rigid, dessicated leather statues of untold grotesqueness while their terror-stricken brains plummet ever deeper into the unholy chasms of ultimate lunacy.
Gematria value: 482 (GHATANOThOA)
Related minions: Moon-beasts.

8. NYARLATHOTEP. The messenger and soul of the Outer Gods as the evil twin of Hermes. The Dark Pharaoh is the patron of misguided application of intelligence and logic, as well as the capricious bringer of pernicious knowledge to a gullible humankind.
Gematria value: 1126 (NYARLATHOTEP)
Related minions: Hunting Horrors.

7. SHUB-NIGGURATH. The obvious representation of the negative & unbalanced aspects of fertility, love, the emotions etc., The Black Goat of the Woods with its Thousand Young embodies perverted fecundity at its most nauseating and has a colour attribution of fetid green.
Gematria value: 981 (ShUBNIGGURATh)
Related minions: The Dark Young.

6. HASTUR. As Tiphareth has been traditionally assigned the sphere of higher consciousness, illumination and the HGA, so Hastur The Unspeakable fits in as the distorted reflection of the same - bringing with itself unutterable madness and all the horror of a bridegroom's confused panic. The King In Yellow with his pallid mask comprises the perfect opposite to Tiphareth's gold-hued, spiritually unveiling and illusion-rending nature.
Gematria value: 281 (HASTUR)
Related minions: The Spawn Of Hastur.

5. Y'GOLONAC. As the noisome embodiment of aimless physical and mental destruction, the naked uncouth obesity of Y'Golonac functions in the rôle of the dark side of Geburah with unnerving and horrid accuracy; not entirely unlike a demented, fervor-gripped anthropophage feasting on his own living flesh.
Gematria value: 676 (Y'GOLONAK)

4. TSATHOGGUA. This furry toad-like abomination from the benighted abyss of N'kai represents the negative aspect of Chesed; lethargy and languid malevolence versus calm and just benevolence.
Gematria value: 124 (TzATHOGGUA)
Related minions: The Black Spawn of Tsathoggua.

3. CTHULHU. Associated with the hostile primal ocean, tentacular restriction and tepid intuition fit only for the passive reception of tainted dream-communications leading to lunacy, Great Cthulhu is the counterpart to Binah in its aspects of Marah and Ama par excellence.
Gematria value: 467 (KThULHU)
Related minions: The Spawn of Cthulhu, Dagon, Deep Ones.

2. YOG-SOTHOTH. The Gate and The Key, of extra-cosmic origin, coterminous with Space and Time, Yog-Sothoth is the acidic devastating lightning flash consisting of multidimensional fiery spheres in a nameless father-fucking mockery of Chokmah.
Gematria value: 891 (YOGSOThOTh)

1. AZATHOTH. The blind and idiotic supreme ruler of the Universe, seated on a throne at its center and surrounded by a loathsome saraband of vile mindless things far beyond the feverish vistae of even the most demented human nightmares. Kether's blasphemous stillborn twin of unbalanced morbid manifestation.
Gematria value: 815 (AZAThOTh)
Related minions: Lesser Outer Gods, Byakhees.