Comte de Saint-Germain

Whole Name: Comte de Saint Germain
Duties: Thinking, sound alchemy & keys to secrets
Year of Origin: 1665 e.v.
Starsign: Serpentarius
Place of Origin: The centre of Europe
Rank: Illuminatus Ipsissimus
Species: Ex-human
Marital Status: Found his HGA
Others Bands Played in: The Shepherds of Arcadia
Major Personal Influences: Hermetic philosophy, Chaos Magick, The Hidden
Major Musical Influences: J.S. Bach, John Cage, The Doors
Favourite Aarni Song: 'Quinotaurus (Twelve Stars in Sight)'
Unforgettable Aarni Moment: The summoning of Doomintroll
Favourite Album: Maudlin Of The Well 'Leaving Your Body Map'
Favourite Film: Alejandro Jodorowski 'The Holy Mountain'
Favourite Book: Robert Anton Wilson 'The Illuminatus! Trilogy'
Favourite Gurus: Aleister Crowley, Timothy Leary, Pope NiKhetMaat V
Favourite Food: For thought
Favourite Place: Rennes-le-Château, Earth
Favourite Direction: East
Motto: 'Dat rosa mel apibus'