Master Warjomaa

Whole Name: Mahatma M. Warjomaa
Duties: Intuition, Xothic kantele, cries from the crypt & the piping of that accursed flute
Year of Origin: 1974 e.v.
Starsign: Capricornus
Place of Origin: Planetside Earth
Rank: Veteran-Medium
Species: Homo Superior
Marital Status: Spoken for
Others Bands Played in: The Tops, Pyjarama, Inevitable, Umbra Nihil
Major Personal Influences: C.G. Jung, Antinomianism, H.P. Lovecraft
Major Musical Influences: Black Sabbath, Camel, King Diamond, Iron Maiden
Favourite Aarni Song: 'Rat King'
Unforgettable Aarni Moment: When I was asked to do a "solo gig providing background music"
Favourite Album: Camel 'Mirage'
Favourite Film: 'The Wicker Man'
Favourite Book: Robert Anton Wilson 'Prometheus Rising'
Favourite Gurus: C.G. Jung, Peter J. Carroll, Robert Anton Wilson
Favourite Food: Anything in sweet and sour sauce
Favourite Place: Space
Favourite Direction: South
Motto: 'Visita interiora terrae rectificando invenies occultum lapidem'