Mrs Palm

Whole Name: Mistress D.I.Y. Palm
Duties: Sensation, shit sounds, malfunctionality & total atavism
Year of Origin: 1994 e.v.
Starsign: Sloth
Place of Origin: A toilet in Silicon Valley
Rank: Mrs
Species: Rectoplasmic revenant
Marital Status: Married
Others Bands Played in: --
Major Personal Influences: Bill Gates, Women's Magazines
Major Musical Influences: Liberace, Yanni, Tom Jones, anything on MTV
Favourite Aarni Song: 'Anima' because of its numerous digitally-corrected errors
Unforgettable Aarni Moment: Having to clean the Doominvalley studio toilet
Favourite Album: Monty Python 'The Final Rip-off'
Favourite Film: David Lynch 'Eraserhead'
Favourite Book: Anything by Carlton Mellick III
Favourite Gurus: David Icke, Richard Hoagland
Favourite Food: Washing liquid with Hobnobs
Favourite Place: Blue Screen
Favourite Direction: North
Motto: 'A plastic Mickey Mouse is children's good will ambassador'