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Lucubrations of Pope NiKhetMaat V

A very close entity to Aarni, Pope NiKhetMaat The Fifth discusses his delusions on subjects occult & esoteric. Additional articles will be featured if time and sanity permit.

Qabalistic Attributions of Cthulhu Mythos entities

The Aarni Arrangement of the Atu of Tahuti upon the Tree of Life

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Recommended reading for 0,1% of planet Earth's current domesticated primates

Here we have included as starting-points some reading, which may give thee some insights into Aarni, besides enhancing thy life and being otherwise interesting. Each category listed in suggested reading order. Naturally, the most powerful tomes have been left out for thy safety.

  1. C.G. Jung - Man And His Symbols
    Probably the best introduction for the layperson into Jung's main theories. Translated into many languages and available at most libraries. A must read for understanding concepts in many of the other books in this list. Remember, it's only a model...
  2. Robert Anton Wilson - Prometheus Rising
    Maybe the most important title on this entire page. Simply put, this book will very probably change thy life - hopefully for the better. Should be mandatory reading for all people everywhere...check out also Quantum Psychology, Cosmic Trigger I and the rest of his works.
  3. Kodish & Kodish - Drive Yourself Sane
    A quality introduction to General Semantics. Helps one get a grip.
  4. Susan Blackmore - Consciousness: An Introduction
  5. Michael Kelly - Apophis & Ægishjálmur
  6. Hans Dieter Betz (ed.) - The Greek Magical Papyri In Translation
  7. Jake Stratton-Kent - Encyclopaedia Goetica
  8. Michael Aquino - MindStar
  9. Agrippa - Three Books of Occult Philosophy
    Written in the early 16th century, this classic gives one insight into the minds, beliefs and thinking of scientists aka natural philosophers from Antiquity onwards, while also functioning as a source of esoteria/occultism unpolluted by Enlightment & 19th century occult revival fallacies.
  10. Phil Hine - Condensed Chaos
    An entry-level book overviewing the theory & practice of Chaos Magic. Check out also Prime Chaos and his Modern Shamanism books.
  11. Peter J. Carroll - Liber Null & Psychonaut
    An essential, original & somewhat dogmatic outline of the practice of Chaos Magic by one of the paradigm's founding fathers. Contains several remarkable essays.
  12. Peter J. Carroll - Liber Kaos
    The theory of Chaos Magic and its relation to Quantum Mechanics. Features also practical material, for example an interesting modern version of the Abra-Melin operation.
  13. Gordon White - Star.Ships & The Chaos Protocols & Pieces of Eight
  14. Richard Metzger (ed.) - Book Of Lies: The Disinformation Guide To Magick And The Occult
    A great collection of essays on Crowley, Lovecraft, Chaos Magic, William Burroughs, consciousness expansion, Dr. Dee, Anton La Vey, Austin Osman Spare etc. etc.
  15. Seymour B. Ginsburg - Gurdjieff Unveiled
  16. Jason A. Newcomb - The New Hermetics: 21st Century Magick For Illumination And Power
    Excellent dogma-free study program of thy mind & reality. Utilises NLP, yoga, Timothy Leary's brain-circuit model etc. as well as Hermetic techniques.
  17. Christopher Hyatt - Undoing Yourself With Energized Meditation And Other Devices
    Powerful undogmatic methods to free thyself from the brainwashing and conditioning thou have been subjected to since birth. An excellent companion to Prometheus Rising.
  18. Benjamin Hoff - The Tao Of Pooh
    A nice and enjoyable introduction to Taoism.
  19. Eckhart Tolle - The Power Of Now
    An inspired, effective and very readable (dumbed-down for a mainly Amurrkan audience) practical instruction manual for achieving and living in a Taoist/Zen mindset.
  20. Fritjof Capra - Tao Of Physics
    This shifty classic of sorts discusses some of the similarities between the theories of modern (quantum) physics and Eastern & Western mysticism.
  21. Wilhelm Reich - The Function Of The Orgasm
    The classic work of this remarkable & fascist-persecuted psychotherapist and visionnaire.
  22. John Fowles - Aristos
  23. Principia Discordia
    A religion disguised as a joke on religions fnord.

Kalevalaisuus / suomalaisugrilainen mytologia ja metafysiikka

  1. Christfrid Ganander - Mythologia Fennica
    Kiehtova ja nykynäkökulmasta taatusti "epätieteellinen" kokoelma kansanperinnettä ja -uskoa 1700-luvulta. Siten myöskin puhdas Lönnrotin Kalevalan yksinkertaistamisista yms. henkilökohtaisista muokkailusta.
  2. Juha Pentikäinen - Kalevalan Mytologia
    Katsaus Kalevalan kyhäämisprosessiin ja eri aikakausina vallinneisiin tutkimusotteisiin suomalaisugrilaista kansanperinnettä koskien.
  3. Risto Pulkkinen - Suomalainen Kansanusko
  4. Timo Heikkilä - Kalevalan Metafysiikka Ja Fysiikka
    Jungilaista tutkimusmetodia käyttävä mielenkiintoinen teos, joka tarkastelee suomalaisugrilaista kosmologiaa mm. kansanrunouden, kalliotaiteen ja esihistoriallisen esineistön pohjalta. Lisäksi mukana on vertailua eri kulttuuripiirien Elämänpuu-symboliikan välillä, esim. Sampo/Sammaksen, germaanisen ja kabbalistisen version. Sfääreissä (ja sefiroissa) mennään välistä hyvinkin reippaasti. Heikkilän teokset Kullervon Suku ja Aurinkolaiva myös ehdotonta lukemistoa.
  5. Pekka Ervast - Kalevalan Avain
    Voimakkaista teosofisista yms. vanhentuneista uskontotieteellisistä painotuksistaan huolimatta nokkela tulkinta Kalevalan hahmojen ja juonen allegorisista, "esoteeris-psykologisista" merkityksistä.
  6. Ior Bock - Väinämöisen Mytologia
  7. Inspired By Tradition - Kalevala Poetry In Finnish Music
    The impact of folk poetry/pre-pentatonic runo songs on Finnish music from Sibelius to Finntroll.
  8. Greta Stenbäck - Temppelilegenda Ja Kalevala
    Erikoinen näkemys Vapaamuurareiden mytologian ja Kalevalan suhteesta.
  9. Risto Santavuori - Loitsu - Kalevalan Avain
    Kalevalainen runomitta ja symboliikka suggestion/jungilaisen aktiivisen kuvittelun työkaluina, ynnä muuta hyvin käyttökelpoista materiaalia.
  10. Martti Haavio - Karjalan Jumalat
    Mielenkiintoinen, joskin hieman reduktionistinen tutkimus Agricolan "epäjumalaluettelosta" ja sen suhteesta pakanuuden/katolilaisuuden aikaisiin vuotuisiin juhlapyhiin, skandinaavisiin riimukalentereihin jne.
  11. Anna-Liisa Siikala - Suomalainen Shamanismi
  12. Veltto Virtanen - Murrosihminen
    Shamanistisella jungilais-reichilaisella otteella kirjoitettu teos poisoppimisesta yhteiskunnallis-poliittisen aivopesun yms. indoeurooppalaisen hapatuksen vaikutuksesta. Eheyttävää luettavaa.


  1. H.P. Lovecraft - The Omnibus editions
    Good collections of eerie tales by the high priest of cosmic horror.
  2. Clark Ashton Smith - A Rendezvous In Averoigne
    An excellent collection of stories by this master of dark fantasy, cthulhoid and morbid horror.
  3. Robert Anton Wilson - The Illuminatus! Trilogy
    A must read for every fan of the occult, epic scifi, Cthulhu, Discordianism, brain-change, conspiracy theories and mindfucking.
  4. Grant Morrison - The Invisibles
    A psychedelic & esoteric comic series by this writer guru & Chaos magician. Loaded with references to various branches of occultism, pop-culture and more.
  5. Alan Moore - Providence
  6. Carlos Castaneda - (his first six books)
    A classic and interesting account of initiation into a version of Mesoamerican shamanism & warriors of the nagual's party. Valuable wisdom literature despite what the debunkers say. Thou canst actually skip the first book and start with A Separate Reality .
  7. Michael Moorcock - The Elric, Corum, Hawkmoon & Von Bek etc. stories
    Brilliant epic dark fantasy.
  8. Roger Zelazny - The Amber Chronicles
    Epic fantasy for grown-ups.
  9. Stephen Donaldson - The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, The Unbeliever
    Even more epic fantasy for even more grown-ups.
  10. Frank Herbert - Dune
    The first six books in the series. Enough said.
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