An Interview with Fjordi of From Below zine (Nov 2004)

From Below: What does "Aarni" mean and what attracts you in this project?

Master Warjomaa: First I'd like to state that Aarni isn't just a "project" for me, its my main band and full-time work. So that's also its attraction for me. Aarni means a number of things in Finnish, for example "griffin" and "a treasure-guarding spirit". Also used as a prefix it has the meanings of "ancient virgin forest" and will-o-the-wisp. For me it has the additional senses of being the Shadow of Jungian psychoanalytical theory and the demon Chorozon of magickal parlance. I think the name fits the concept of the band well, as the music/themes are multi-faceted.

From Below: How would you describe the music of Aarni?

MW: A difficult question...perhaps as being avantgarde or chthonic hybrid musick. It means having elements of (doom) metal, folk, progressive rock, ambient and occasionally other genres times heavy, slow and oppressing in a sense - but balanced often by more uplifting elements such as flowing melodies, acoustic and other "non-metal" parts. Sometimes I also try to break the traditions and conventions of Western music, such as diatony & ideas about sonance and rhythm.

From Below: What do you like in these sometimes very childish drawings that you use to decorate the booklet of your CD and your website?

MW: I think they aren't really naivistic, even though they seem simple. They are woodcuts by an anonymous 16th century artist and originally appeared in an edition of Rabelais' famous work "Gargantua & Pantagruel". I like most surrealistic, absurd and psychedelic things - I guess that's why I like those woodcuts too. Those elements seem also present in Aarni's music, so in my opinion the images fit well as decorations on the website and album covers.

From Below: What are the themes that interest you and that you talk about on this album?

MW: I'm interested in a number of themes. I guess the main ones on "Bathos" are about magick = brain-change, consciousness expansion, exploration of the psyche, mythologies, being anti-religion, anti-state, anti-authority, anti-ideology, anti-dualism and anti-anti. I think these things are stated more or less obscurely on the album...