An Interview with Pio Santobuono of HMP zine on 22/12/2004

What pushed you to compose music and to form Aarni?

MW: My obsession made me do know, "bursting creative energies". I had begun writing material back in 1997 EV so it was about time I began to record the stuff...I didn't get the kind of input I'd have liked in the local band I was playing back then, so I decided to form my own group.

From what do you draw inspiration for the lyrics' themes?

MW: The multiverse... things I see, read, think about and experience. Those things have so far included at least: various esoteric theories and practices, the Cthulhu mythos and Fennougric folklore/shamanism.

So you're interested in these ancient and "secondary" (they say...) arguments. From what does these passion arise?

MW: Er, I don't know what you mean by "secondary arguments"...I can't really explain why I'm interested in these things, my mindbody just seems to be built that way. I feel it's irrelevant to search for the reasons behind. I believe I'm just expressing myself directly in Aarni's music/themes. Aarni functions as a form of therapy/creative vechile for me and hopefully as entertainment and/or source of pleasure for others.

'V.I.T.R.I.O.L.' is an acronym of...?

MW: Come on, you can hear/read it in the lyrics... it's a well-known alchemical motto. Or alternatively you can invent your own sentence from those letters...that can be more interesting ;)

What about the "hidden information" in the lyrics of 'Quinotaurus (Twelve Stars In Sight)'?

MW: I didn't invent the hidden message, I only put it there... seek and ye will find. It's very easy to decipher. Not surprisingly it's related to the song's subject matter.

OK Master, but sincerely I don't understand the lyrics. I also tried to find some information (I swear!) on the net, but...nothing! I noticed immediately, in the lyrics of the song, the repetition of ten letters (aaa c d ee g ii n o r t) in a sort of anagram, but I don't understand the meaning of the lyrics. I think there's a connection with the EU. Can you explain it better? Where did you found the texts?

MW: I don't want to take all the fun away from people who wish to decipher the code...Bathos isn't a Hollywood movie where everything is "pre-chewed" for the audience. So I don't wish to insult the intelligence of the listener...but here are some hints: yes, I fear there's a connection with the EU. And yes, there are repeating letters. You may be looking too hard, it's easier than you're already half-way there. And you can ignore the chorus lyrics, they aren't part of the code. I think a recent best-seller book addresses the issue at hand, but if you'd rather seek information on the net, the website, among others, should come in handy.

Describe your personality/ies.

MW: I'm really not qualified to do that, and this is not a Lonely Hearts column. But there's some info on the Aarni website, for example. Every human seems to have a number of personalities, whether they admit it or not...these change with time and circumstances.

Talk about what you want (music, nature, numbers, philosophy, magic mushrooms, owls, sex, drugs, rock'n'roll...).

MW: You seem the first interviewer to spot the Aarni-Owl connection, congratulations! Not a lot of people know that owls have been a constant feature of some UFO sightings. Those birds of prey have in some cases been seen immediately prior to/after the UFO encounter. For instance, our very own band-member Count was once skiing in the Alps and after passing through an icy portal he found himself in Finland's Lapland. He realised it only later and that's not the strange part of this little tale. No, he spotted a huge snowy owl which flew away into the forest. Count decided to follow the bird, only to see a flying saucer darting up from the direction the owl had flown...with the owl as the pilot.

Do you think that Bathos, or - in general - your music, can be "understood" by the listeners? I think it's a part of your personality, and perhaps you can't understand it thoroughly either.

MW: Well, I think the lyrics can be understood and so far they've always had a coherent message - I take a lot of time to compose the lyrics and never write purposeless texts. As for the music itself...I don't know, it's definitely a part of my psyche and flows freely from my mind. But isn't that so for everyone who makes music? I write down riffs/melodies etc. all the time, and then choose which ones would be fitting on an album. I guess Aarni songs are largely stream-of-consciousness stuff, but I do give a fuck also for the listener - otherwise the music would probably be very chaotic indeed. Bathos is pretty orderly in my opinion, as I held back the more "far out" ideas while making the album. But the next one looks like to be very introverted (and heavy) stuff, with a return to the Cthulhu themes among other things.

What's the Square Of Untr00 Doom?

MW: Er, isn't it -1,333? :)

What's your role in Firebox Records/Firedoom Music?

MW: I handle Internet promotion, talent scouting and misc. translation jobs.

Future projects.

MW: Obviously the second Aarni album, which I started writing already in the summer. And the forthcoming Umbra Nihil debut album, whereon I play lead guitar. And an Aarni song for a future Cthulhu compilation record. There has been talk of other musical projects as well, but they are top secret at the moment.

Hey, you rule man.

MW: Is this a question or a statement? I do rule my little world, or at least so I like to tell myself :)