An Interview with Aleks of Metal Library webzine on 03/08/2007

1. Salut, Master! How are You? Let me ask You another one not original question about new Aarni's album. Of course it's interesting first of all talking about Your band; so please share some news with our readers.

MW: Whato, Aleks! I appear fine. How are you? I just ate some rather spicy food and had a shower. My shower curtain features fish on it and on calm nights you can sometimes hear them sing. Do you like yellow showers?
News about Aarni: now we work on the last song of the forthcoming second album and after its completion aim to record some additional extra stuff like vocals, bass and keyboards to the songs. And then comes the mirth of mixing...we have become quite sick with not yet finishing the album and want to get it out of our system as soon as possible! Hopefully all the album artwork will also be completed sooner than later :p
Fuck, I hate making music! I'm not sure if I should continue making love music just because Jesus told me to...hmmm.

2. And I've forgotten to ask: What kind of interview's questions disgust You?

MW: The ones that taste bad, like when I don't understand a poorly formulated question, a lack of basic journalistic skills shows or the interview has been typed without first washing the hands after poopoo.

3. You've said in the one of Your latest interview that You had difficulties with finding motivation and inspiration in the time when You composed the songs for new album. It sounds strange, I always thought that psilocybin mushrooms are not so big problem in Finland?

MW: I had some issues because some of my selves were incompetents. Everything seems ok now as I got rid of them. Also, partly the motivation problems may be the same as with every artistfartist when they haven't yet discovered their most natural style. Can't say I have either, but I might be getting there...the future will show whether Aarni turns out as shit or shinola. Mushrooms weren't part of the problem, they can be part of the solution. I have never eaten psilocybins yet as I have never had a shortage of inspiration.

4. Do You ever care about public relation composing/recording/playing Your music? Dare I suppose that You do not?

MW: Aarni has a MySpace page. Does that answer your question? I only ask because I don't know.

5. What are the aims of Your music? Is it for expanding the narrow minds of humankind or just to evoke some hattifnatts?

MW: Verily they are one and the same! But if I truly knew the aims of my music, I of course wouldn't be making it.

6. It seems that You're too much in occultism or on Your way to illumination. So don't You think that it's only Your way and none would understand it? I mean that's maybe not quite cool to express it to the public.

MW: Well, Aarni isn't a cool band. Everybody understands us sensing great wisdom but also great sadness. The time has come for Spaceship Earth to evolve to the next level of telluric energy vibration. Humankind will turn into glorious interstellar rainbow unicorn dolphins, destined to explore the multiverse in loving accordance with their True Wills. When that time comes in December 2012 of your calendar, all sentient crystal species will only ever listen to whalehugging Aarni. Even the gigantic glass squirrels on the Moon, whose name is LOVE. Because as karmic batteries we radiate girl shoggoth power and YOU ARE THE DOLPHINS! 93/93!

7. Sometimes (especially when I watch the decoration of "Bathos" or Your site) I started to think that You are totally not serious. Are You serious writing Your music and lyrics? What's about Your sense of humor? Do You delimit the space and time for Your art from the space and time for Your jokes?

MW: Music isn't a laughing matter and we are of course gravely serious about being very talented old school true frost musicians. You just have to stand the extreme Northern pain of constant creation in order to produce noble elitist art for your heroic metal tribe. It's a priviledge, not a duty. Jokes are for the weak escapist niggers who run away from the total grimness of life and are afraid to cry like a man. People who think there's humour in Aarni's Antichristian warrior music are blasphemous moronic gay cowards not fit to receive the Promethean runesword blessings of satanic Aarni. Our undying Elven music reflects the vast, racially pure white, amoral fatal glaciers of infernal Finland as well as the mighty Dwarven strength and ancient scary stamina of its pagan polar bears of death. The only time we laugh is when someone falls over.

8. Do You have some musical side-projects? I sure that You can move aside such guys as Tenhi for example and shed the light on some details of shamanic rituals of Your native land.

MW: No side projects, although I did plan some but then decided there's room for everything in Aarni already. Talking of shamanic shit, I think that subject will be featured on the 3rd album...featured pretty heavily in fact and probably mostly or completely in Finnish, because I don't think the concept can be translated to any language/culture which has mostly lost its Stone Age roots. No light will be shed, however. Trust us!

9. Why don't You choose the one and only mythological/occult theme or conception for Aarni's songs? Guess that it's not such bad idea to use only the Finnish folklore theme. I do not mean "Kalevala" but maybe something more deep, something that could open for us the unknown sides of Your native culture.

MW: See the previous answer. But I don't think it would be a good idea to just focus on one theme...I would get bored very quickly with its limits. Besides "folk/traditional metal" has become an empty trend in recent years with many many shallow bands currently playing in that style. Tad embarrassing! And Aarni hasn't anything to open save the third eye, the brown one. Our interests shift and change constantly. Our music reflects sticking with just a single theme would feel retarded and against the basic idea of Aarni.

10. Do You like the books of Tove Jansson? I'm about "Moomintroll" of course. Wonderful book! Doomintroll is such unpretty and drunken-looking, isn't he?

MW: All moomins look like shit when on holiday. Big D is merely stoned, as it and all other Aarni members oppose alcohol, black clothes, water and other evil poisons. We like to spread our message of hygiene, hope and health to all those who shouldn't listen. It's not too late to save the Wiccans. I do very much like TJ's books and the anarchistic lifestyle of the Moomins. Pity they apparently became extinct in the 18th century. We all must continue their work...of LOVE.

11. So did You really find him at the cenotaph of Moominpappa? I always thought that he sailed away with his family to this lonely cliffy island somewhere in the Finnish Gulf?

MW: I and the Count evoked Big D from the cenotaph itself, so it doesn't really have much to do with Moominpapa. He sailed away alright...that's why it was a cenotaph in the first place. Actually Moominpapa lives back home on Sirius B now - that cliffy island still had a functioning portal...of LOVE.

12. Did You ever see Azathoth? From which depths of abyss did You extract such sounds as those that we could hear on that composition?!

MW: To both questions: I honestly don't remember anymore...all seems a dirty blur. I guess that's what you get from fucking (literally) with Azathoth. Naturally I mean this by utilising certain gnosis states for that effect, that hypnagogic nipple-explosion resulting in tentacular hyperdimensional implosion...of LOVE.

13. Who this genius guy writing song's lyrics for Aarni? Dare I guess that it's You,.. Stop, I have to look in the "Bathos"s booklet. Yes, it's really You! So I would like You to give comments for "Bathos"s songs' meaning. Of course if it's suitable for You. For "Quinotaurus" and "V.I.T.R.I.O.L." at least? These things are erasing my brain still; I cannot banish 'em from my head! Even dreams and whispers of Cthulhu are gone under their pressure.

MW: Come on now, why does everything have to suddenly be spelled out for people? What happened to basic curiosity, knowledge, intelligence, erudition and the urge to learn new things? Maybe American "culture" has made even the Old World proper humans dull in the head, or maybe not. In any case, all the lyrics on Bathos have been painstakingly written with a clear idea in mind. With a coherent and possibly interesting message, if you will. We have always paid much attention to writing lyrics and in fact they can take much longer to complete than the music itself. 'VITRIOL' features proper English and proper Latin, there shouldn't be any problems with understanding the song. Strange terms can be Wikied/Googled or maybe even looked up in a book. The 'Quinotaurus' lyrics on the other hand have been encrypted...or more properly they contain an extremely weakly concealed code, which I suspect anyone with average wits can break quickly with little effort. The song name and the booklet illustration help, too. So to repeat: no baffling or nonsense lyrics in Aarni, unless otherwise stated. I think just a little interest and knowledge in 'esoteric' matters suffices to make you grasp those crumbs of wisdom in Aarni.
But Cthulhu's transmissions cannot be permanently silenced even with Aarni's immortal literature, because it has been taken from the Necronomicon...of LOVE.

14. By the way, sorry, but what does 'Bathos' mean?

MW: The term seems to be in pretty wide use...most dictionaries have it, online and offline. Because I like people, I of course believe that everyone reading this knows the word, but some may have forgotten and so I present some definitions: 1) insincere or overdone pathos 2) sentimentality 3) anticlimax.

15. I wanted to ask You about song "The Thunder, Perfect Mindfuck" for I heard the one with similar title - "Thunder Perfect Mind" (if I do not err) by Current 93. Give us Your comment please.

MW: Nothing to do with the song by Current 93, really. Except I like that band in general. I guess both our songs have been based on the Gnostic poem 'Thunder, The Perfect Mind' which was found in the Nag Hammadi scrolls. Our main song lyrics have been taken from the poem, with some modification and original stuff here and there and in the end. In fact many Aarni lyrics consist of quotes taken elsewhere and further modified, so listeners can have their own little "spot the source" competitions and win fabulous prizes. In other words, I like to use intertextuality.

16. Well, I asked Umbra Nihil about it, but You should know this thing more exactly: what will we do when Cthulhu will be awakened?

MW: "Rejoice, for it is the beginning of the world"! But seriously: drool and rule.

17. Did You see online comic "Hello Cthulhu"? Guess mighty Cthulhu would be angry if he saw it. Its authors are damned blasphemers! Nothing sacred left?

MW: Fundamentalists fall first. The authors seem like faithful cultists spreading the message of Lord Cthulhu, true to the insidious Elder way. I delight in encountering references to HPL's works in popular culture. Comics, books, games, movies, music, religion, magic, fashion, architecture and whatnot. Of course there's nothing sacred left, that's proof that Cthulhu has already won. It is a winner and we wouldn't be interested in a loser anyway. Feel the loving tentacles deep inside you at night!

18. Have you finished with the song for "Cthulhu tribute"? Please can You tell us about this project?

MW: Yes, the song 'Lovecraft Knew' has been finished as finally as it will probably ever be. A lengthy and hopefully incoherently delightful little jingle...this project may bear fruit later this year. But more info on this will be told once everything becomes clearer, cannot really divulge anything pertinent at this point, sorry. I only contribute to it. Some of the tracks etc. should be lovely enough to the Keepers of Elder Lore among us.

19. And what about taking part in Thergothon's tribute? Will we see You there?

MW: See me, hear me and touch yourself whilst thinking of me. Yeah, Aarni has promised in a legally binding way to cover the song 'Crying Blood/Crimson Snow" after we complete this our benighted second album. We try to succeed in providing the Sol to Skorpio.

20. Once You've told that "behind the Universe lies the qliphotic Nilversum", do You believe in this? And what do You think about such theory of Universe's creation as the theory of big explosion?

MW: I don't believe anything I read in interviews, but I think that before the big explosion there was the big car chase.

21. I do not expect such things from You but when I read Aarni's news I found few words about New World Order! What the hell?! I would never believe that You are in this theme! It seems so far from Aarni and from You too. Do You really care about it?

MW: What's not to care? Feeling paranoid already? Don't worry, we've got everything under control. NWO can mean many unpleasant things. Not surprisingly it depends mostly on the individual's interpretation of the term. I think I merely referred in the news item to the current global status of the English language. Or did I?

22. Yeah...We’re speaking onto this one now...What was the first concert that You visited?

MW: Probably Mozart in Vienna in 1723, but I must say he sounds better on the albums. I was quite young at the time, yet remember with delight how he slipped on his vomit when coming onstage.

23. Which book did You read last?

MW: 'Sausagey Santa' by the brilliant young bizarro author Carlton Mellick III. Recommended for friends of surrealism, the absurd, humour, sex, violence and philosophy. For about 30 years now, I've been reading at least two books at the same time. Not always the same books.

24. Which CD did You buy last?

MW: Limited version of the new Nest album. Nowadays I only buy CD's very rarely, because I listen to music on my stereo very rarely. When making Aarni material, I try not to listen to any outside music for fear of subconscious influence and also of hearing bad music.

25. Which way to alternate or to clean the mind would You recommend to our readers?

MW: Various meditation/breathing excercises, magick and other stuff that can be freely found eg. online. Or failing that, lobotomy. Infrequently cannabis of course as well as other chemicals if you'd prefer. I don't recommend doing this "for fun". Oversocial under-achievers should stick to alcohol just like the people in governments want them to. You all probably deserve to use mind techniques etc. as what? Find out if you will.

26. Beforehand thanks for Your patience and for Your answers. Good luck in Your good deeds. What about a few words to our readers?

MW: I think the readers should stop listening to all the talentless fucks and instead start making their own music if they haven't already. And stop wearing the same type clothes as everyone else in their social group. In everything only the insides matter. And the readers should learn to read. Thank you for this babbling opportunity, and likewise good luck in your good/neutral/evil deeds!

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