An Interview with Aleks of Metal Library webzine on 09/02/2009

1. Salut komrade Warjomaa! Thanks for Your precious free time and for the latest Aarni LP Tohcoth. Itís good that we can get in touch again but I even do not know from there we can begin for it seems that all that can be said about Tohcoth - is said. So letís begin with a simple "how do You do?"

MW: Salut! I guess Iím doing relatively fine. Da, letís not talk about Tohcoth :)

2. After ten years of Aarniís being do You expect any understanding from Your listeners? And do You need it at all? For someone can tell that "itís funny stuff" or "itís interesting doomy stuff" but everyone may not find the ideas which You put in Your songs.

MW: The retards we will always have among us! While some fools cannot get the ideas in anything, I believe most people understand Aarni well enough. You donít even have to be a genius or a 333rd degree Illuminatus in order to do that...although it might help. I try to make my music work on several levels, so if you donít get one of them immediately, youíll hopefully still get the others. I donít aim Aarni to be cryptic (at least usually) but I do want to seek the highest common denominator in the listeners rather than the lowest. Maybe several of my songs do presuppose a general erudition in matters philosophical, occult and/or psychological on the listenersí part.

3. Why didnít You ask Mr.Tolonen to draw art-work for Tohcoth? Of course I understand that You could pay children to paint Mighty Octopus (on the cover of the CD) with candies and ice-cream but itís not fair! But anyway there is only master(mind) in this band.

MW: Mr. Tolonen did draw artwork for Tohcoth! For the song Iku-Turso in the CD booklet. The wonderful cover art is another matter entirely and was done by myself and genius Albert Frankenstein as I wanted something different from Bathos, yet not the kind of average Photoshopped shit you see so much nowadays. And I donít need children because I have myself. If you like the kind of cover artwork as on Bathos (made by Tuomas Mškelš), so do I, and perhaps it will be featured again in the future - most likely on Aarniís fourth any case after the release of our third one aka Lovecraftian.

4. Damn! I see - itís written in the booklet, so Aslak helped You, right. You mentioned Iku-Turso so dare I ask the meaning of its lyrics? I remember Your reproof about lack of erudition and etc. and this kind octopus with a beard reminds me of something what can You say about its "hidden message"? :)

MW: No hidden message (really?) in this song, as it has been based on the poem by venerated Finnish poet Eino Leino. The translation of the lyrics & to most other non-English Aarni songs we have released can be found on our website. Yes, the image of the "bearded octopus" should ring a bell with all people, because everyone has encountered that entity in their most meaningful dreams - the ones almost everybody forgets upon awakening. Unless you utterly follow the path of Gurdjieff.

5. I thought up this question long enough and it disturbs me still: itís about the song named The Sound Of One I Opening. Youíre a foul heretic, do You know it? Iím revealing You one fact right now - between You and me, man - Ordo Hereticus, Holy and Righteous Inquisitionís Order of God-Emperor-of-Mankind, already searches for Your tainted soul! Well, but seriously to say, I wonder how could You read the Bible word by word? Itís a privilege of die-hard Old Testament fans. For Writings can be read in three ways: word by word; in the astrological way; and in the way of metaphors and parables. So how can You, blasphemer, justify Yourself in the face of inevitable punishment?

MW: Well, you sound pretty orthodox for someone claiming to belong to an entity called Ordo Hereticus - how could you interpret my lyrics literally? I suggest you follow the example of true Biblical scholars and study my prophetic lyrics using Temurah, Notariqon and Gematria. Then you will be will be!

6. Of course I will. And as I interpreted Your lyrics (and even music!) literally dare I guess that instrumental Riding Down The Miskatonic On A Dead Thing is about Your journey onto subway. Will we ever hear such meditative instrumental compositions from You?

MW: I must point out that your guess misses the mark as so far Aarni hasnít made any songs about travelling on the metro, at least not consciously. Despite its title, the instrumental in question doesnít really attempt to capture a Lovecraftian and/or Cthulhoid atmosphere much; rather I made it as a sort of homage to the prog rock band Camel.
Yes, I do intend to make many more quality instrumentals in the future (even at present), which I hope will turn out nicely serene/meditative/mellow/pleasant.

7. Though we already reached agreement talk not about Tohcoth somehow I would like to ask also about All Along The Watchtowers...did You use Enochian or Sumerian in its text? It is a dreadful song, so awesome that I still canít listen to it all for the deep angst that fulfills my weak heart.

MW: I made the lyrics in Enochian like the album title itself. As you may know, the Angelical language has a somewhat darkly notorious reputation among occultists: the mere uttering of words in Enochian has reputedly caused many kinds of more or less unpleasant effects in the environment, ranging from nothing at all to vague feelings of discomfort to poltergeist activity and freak natural phenomena. Actually I would recommend the listener to be careful and perhaps make special preparations before playing the song. Maybe it was unwise of me to release it, but hey, isnít music supposed to change the world after all?

8. About all these religions...donít You think that we can consider it only as a social phenomenon? For long ago most of them ceased to be the ways to any illuminations or even simple spiritual growth?

MW: I think most exoteric religions have never been ways to illumination or spiritual growth, quite the opposite. They seem largely invented as political and social forms of control - the chains that bind. Seek ye the esoteric paths like Gnosticism, Sufism and Cabala (not the Madonna kind). Or better yet Shamanism, occultism and their modern versions and offshoots. Experimentation, not obeisance. Have faith! :)

9. And another social phenomenon: Your last EP Omnimantia. First of all why is it a self-released album? What the fuck's with labels and other stuff? Are they afraid of the Great Power hiding in its tunes and spells?

MW: Fear could be the key...fear of not getting enough money. Actually I prefer to have self-released Omnimantia as it eliminates the middlemen. Plus there might have been some copyright issues as the EP features two tracks from tribute albums - although different exclusive masterings thereof. However our label Epidemie Records has expressed interest again in releasing Aarniís third full length album so I feel things have worked out fine.

10. I have not listened to Omnimantia yet so dare I ask You about its content. What can we find there besides songs from Skepticismís and Thergothonís tributes? By the way Matti (vocalist of Skepticism) said that they didn't even receive any copies of this tribute.

MW: Besides those two songs you mentioned, you can find all-original serious Aarni songs for a total length of 56 minutes...perhaps more like previous Aarni hit material than like Tohcoth, which was an experimentation into prog, krautrock and whatnot. I suppose Omnimantia and also our future stuff will be closer in style to Bathos and older material. Maybe that means more coherent songwriting amongst other things. And yeah, every copy of Omnimantia features unique handwritten liner notes & drawings done by me. Think how much they will be worth in the future, so buying the EP from me can also be seen as a financial investment in addition to its vast artistic value & enjoyment...
Hmm, it definitely sounds strange to me if Foreshadow hasnít sent a copy of the tribute to Skepticism. Naughty naughty!

11. Which sides of this EP are common with previous releases of Yours and which ones are different?

MW: The one with the tracks. The other features the disc etiquette...but like I stated above, I suppose the listener will find most of the songs closer to our pre-Tohcoth style. The single exception may be Hypnagogia, which represents a lengthy Zen-like instrumental disturbed meditation - a musical koan, if you will. I also believe the EP features the best sound production values of Aarni so far.

12. What can You say about track named This Is Not A Mask? Its text is rather interesting, so can You reveal its idea. Though as I understand You did similar things before.

MW: The song features both (death?) metal and more mellow parts, growls and clean vocals. I know that really doesnít tell you much now, does it?
The basic message of the song can be taken as "there is no face behind the mask" and you might apply that to anything and everything...microcosmically and macrocosmically. Yet the song title appears to contradict this idea - or does it?

13. You mentioned Aarniís third full length album so I have to share Your ideas about this one. And itís good news that Epidemie Records will lay its hands upon Your next album.

MW: Yep! In essence: the third Aarni album carries the title of ĎLovecraftianí, at least for the time being, and I intend it to be a serious homage to H.P.Lovecraftís vision & works. No (intentional) joking etc. this time around, rather I try to do my best to capture the atmosphere of his stories as I personally experience them. The record looks like to be for the most part a sort of soundtrack to individual HPL stories, while his poetry has inspired the album's more conventional(?) songs. In other words all of the text will be his. I want to make material that many fans of Lovecraft can appreciate globally and so I try to pay special attention to composition, arrangement and production. In addition to the cosmic horror stuff the album features his Dreamlands/fantasy themes making it quite varied musically.
So far (early February 2009 e.v.) I have recorded a few songs in various stages of completion. Oh yes, this album also features more guest musicians than Aarni has had before, being an international collaboration.

14. Didnít You think to use labour of tiny fairies who could help You with the mastering and mixing of Aarniís songs during Your night rest? Good job for the plate of thick soup and the bottle of milk - a fair and safe deal! I practiced this method onto my last job - it works, really.

MW: Iím working on it, but the trouble is that I donít trust them enough and they have too many tentacles and eyes for comfort.

15. Em, I have been distracted from the main part of our discussion. Our Holy Lord Inquisitor is ready to bring You onto fair judgment but You still can clean Your sins by Your own hands. All that You have to do is to compose a righteous doom-song about: withered autumn flowers over the lonely grave veiled in gloomy tears of hollow night. Will You? Or will You prefer to take death - slow and painful (itís doomy anyway, right?)?

MW: Death. Means just life to me.

16. Your colleagues, Umbra Nihil, recorded or composed (really I donít remember) their last album The Borderland Rituals in the old forsaken house somewhere in a solitary place in Finland. So where are You supposed to record Your next album? I even will not try to joke about this theme. Really - I will not!

MW: I am also a member of Umbra Nihil, yet I was present at that forsaken shunned house only in spirit. And I am already recording the next Aarni album in the Doominvalley studio complex as usual, although I have many complexes...because every location contains every other location.

17. And a little bit of confidential info. Sad to say the scientists found that Great Cthulhu does not exist! And never ever did! Listen: it was only Lovecraftís allegorical way to unmask a profane conspiracy of some puppet masters aiming to the New World Order! (thatís why they got him out of their way) Cthulhu with its tentacles is a model of their secret society penetrating all levels of all governments like a slimy octopus. Hitler, their leader, rests in slumber in his submarine under the ice of South Pole broadcasting powerful radio signals from its station into weak minds. I can not tell You more, sorry. Except that they use Leninís Mausoleum for channeling dark energies. Are You ready to place Yourself at the head of our resistance? Komrade Warjomaa, are You ready to rescue humankind? S. Claus, Tom & Jerry and Michael Jackson are already in our ranks.

MW: I see Cthulhuís counter-propaganda disinformation has worked! Our cult is victorious and the stars are right! You have been exposed: Michael Jackson is a mole. Paul is the walrus. Obama is Nyarlathotep. Leninís Mausoleum is one of our toilets.

18. Thrice damned crap! I was so imprudent! Michael looked so honest telling us that he wanted to fight for human rights. Truly to say I believed him only thinking that he was a guest-vocalist on Tohcoth, wasnít he? Youíre not correct about Obama for heís the archpriest of USA voodoo cult and the incarnation of Nyarlathotep is the being which we knew as "Dick Cheney".

MW: Frater Jackson did try to sing on Tohcoth but failed. Thatís why we made him the mole. Yes, Obamaís 1st level disinformation identity is the archpriest, but "Dirty Dick" in fact is merely the US Outer Head of the Hermetic Order of The Silver Twilight.

19. Iíve read Your words "Apparently you can't save the world without pushing a few grannies down the stairs." Did You read Crime And Punishment by the Russian classic writer Dostoevsky? Though the hero of this book used the axe, he thought in a similar way.

MW: Yes, I have written Crime And Punishment or actually our keyboard player did when he was on an underworld tour in Russia. Axe, stairs, same difference...

20. And about other dead things: if You would have a chance to resurrect someone - who will be this (un)lucky one? Or... well...if You already practiced such a ritual - who was it?

MW: I would (and will) resurrect Lovecraft for obvious reasons. I have already practiced with several others, just to get to kill them again. Hasnít everybody?

21. Iíve already sent this black-list to Your e-mail.

MW: Thanks! It only contains the single entry "Elvis", but thatís more than enough!

22. Master, can I ask You...damned Iím already asking...Does the native Finnish boys and girls watch the TV-set or zombo-box as we call it sometimes?

MW: A real human being doesnít watch TV as you know. However many of the natives probably do. Thatís because we currently live in the Kali Yuga. Hopefully things will change soon.

23. Glad to hear it, do You feel Yourself prepared enough to celebrate the ending of Kali Yuga?

MW: I think so as I have already taken a bath and gotten another pair of socks.

24. Which sorts of beer are better to drink if You want to extend the limits of Your own consciousness? For example Russian beer does not help with it at all: of course You can get ability dancing imps and fairies or even vomit some funny things but the mind reminds narrow and dark.

MW: A real human being doesnít drink beer as you know. However I like somewhat the Russian brand Stenka Razin or whatís-it-called. Tastes a bit like mead. But normally I only drink vodka, although naturally the use of alcohol seems in most cases a bad idea if you want to extend your consciousness and not narrow it. Iím afraid I cannot help you with the search for the One True Beer.

25. Stepan Razin tastes a bit like shit. Though they can export good beer and sell here the bad one - this is the way of action of the New World Order.

MW: I donít know, shit usually has more sugar...and the beer was bought in Russia. Conspiracy Now!

26. Master, which sides of Your personality would You like to develop?

MW: The ones which deal with unicorns, rainbows, scented candles, crystals, dolphins elders, vampires, black roses, mascara, bright white light, karma, reincarnation, Wicca and hip-hop. All the bad ones, you know.

27. Man, You use different languages in Your lyrics, so - attention! There is the question - why donít You sing some Russian song? Are You familiar with Russian folklore or something? For example You may know the Finnish band Kypck. Can You accept such an experiment?

MW: Funny you should mention it, as recently I made some initial plans to feature Russian sometime in the future using a guest vocalist. Time will tell if anything manifests out of it.
Yep, I have some familiarity with Slavic folklore and it could be one possible subject for the lyrics. We have also taken under consideration a couple of other languages that havenít been featured in Aarni material so far. But for the present time we concentrate on ĎLovecraftianí, which (surprise, surprise) is almost entirely in English.

28. Thanks, Master, for this interesting and useful information, Iím feeling myself closer to total and absolute illumination. I have to meditate on it., just thanks! Have You something to add? Feel free to spread Your words of truth (but donít forget that Inquisition of God-Emperor-of-Mankind is watching You even right now, yes).

MW: Admit nothing, deny nothing and repress nothing. Become what you wonít! Jesus could fly.

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