(note: Aarni mostly uses the Discordian calendar.)

32/ 01/ 3177 Dear Outpatient,

1) Again begging thy pardon for the much-needed hiatus since the last newsletter issue...work on our final song 'Goetia' for the forthcoming Split album has constantly been on and off. Currently it is on: the vocals have been recorded and now it's just a question of incorporating some melody lines and the drums. After that, the actual album release can FINALLY take place...

Concerning the song's vocals and as stated in the previous newsletter, they constitute more or less a theatrical dialogue between a badly prepared Goetic magickian aka operator and a bunch of "demons". The operator may come across as a pious, somewhat na´ve and nervous Christian, whilst the Goetic demons (oddly enough?) represent reason and sport what some would call a sarcastic attitude towards him. They also kindly point out, after the fact, how the operator's circle and triangle are broken, no doubt drawn in his over-confident hastiness. The operator's final fate due to this slight overlook is left to the fevered imagination of the listener...the moral of the story, if there indeed is one, could be: don't quote Scripture to spirits and try to force them to do thy Will - surely there exist more fruitful methods. Especially if thou art not a believer, and who is? A religious magickian sounds like an oxymoron to me.

The song also acts musically as a transition to Persistence In Mourning's part of the Split.

2) This may already be old hat, but the release of the H.P.Lovecraft tribute album 'Yogsothery' has taken place. Info on the album at Voidhanger Records. The CD features inter alia a 20-page full-colour booklet of eldritch artwork & divers gibberings and blah blah. Why not support ze kause and get thy copy from us, as we still have a number left in the vaults. A total bloody sacrifice of 10 € will ensure the success of the Elder ritual, including planetwide shipping.

3) After many a year, the release of the H.P.Lovecraft tribute album 'Yogsothery' is set to finally take place this month. More info at Voidhanger Records. The CD features inter alia a 20-page full-colour booklet of eldritch artwork & divers gibberings and will also be available from Aarni, once we receive our copies. We'll let thee know then.

The mandatory ads - thou art what thou buyest:

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A handful of autographed Rising Of Yog-Sothoth: Tribute to Thergothon double CD's still available from us for a measly 8 euros inside the EU; 10 € for the rest of this bizarre excuse for a planet. Costs include shipping via Air Mail. As an added tr00 d00m feature the double album comes in an ultra rare standard CD jewel case.

Shouldst thou feel the urge, Omnimantia EP, the Double Demo and the Aarni/Umbra Nihil split album can still be purchased via the Aarni webshite. As a bonus we can on demand even throw in one or more unreleased Aarni hit/miss songs.

A better idea yet would probably be to get the newly remixed and/or mastered Bathos and Omnimantia with extra goodies from Bandcamp. If thou wilt, thou canst listen to them prior to paying the ludicruosly low price.

Don't take those pills,
Magister Warjomaa

-Celtic Frost: Monotheist
-[insert thy favourite obsession]

-astral baggage
-overweight self-proclaimed sex magicians
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