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First up is a split I've been wanting to cover for a while now, this new one between Aarni and Persistence In Mourning. I'll just say up front that I've never been huge on PIM's material, it's not bad, it just isn't really my thing, Aarni on the other hand, I really do enjoy, so I'll start with that half first. For those who haven't heard Aarni before, sole member Markus Marjomaa has created a sound that blends traditional doom metal with elements as common as funeral doom and stoner rock to stuff as weird as freak folk and traditional orchestral music, it's a strange blend of ideas but I just love it for how weird it is. Marjomaa has always had this sort of naturalistic sort of approach to atmosphere, making use of field recordings on several tracks while never making them sound too bizarre. I'll admit that there are a few moments on here where it just sort of aimless ideas, Emuu, but when Marjomaa decides to sit down and write a song, he can crank out a hell of a good one, Land Beyond The Night. Then there's PIM, who I've been aware of for a couple of years now, never really got into the project too much, but had heard some pretty good things about it. What struck me was the project's move from sort of quasi-funeral doom into more noisy and mechanical industrial music on last year's Confessions of An American Cult. This release sees Andy Lippoldt bringing five tracks that act as a sort of middle ground between his more doom oriented beginnings and his recent industrial leanings. Having said that, Lippoldt does bring everything from droning doom to phaser-based noise to this release, with each track being a unique experience into and of itself. Both sides are mixed bags when it comes to quality, but I would that every song is at least interesting.

Overall Score: 7
Highlights: Land Beyond The Night, Goetia, Poking Holes In The Sky

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