A Review of the 'Aarni/Umbra Nihil Split' by Music Extreme Virtual Magazine

Aarni starts this CD with a very atmospheric beginning to the first track. This song reminds me of some experimental bands and solo projects out there because of the experimentation with sounds and dissonances. Then comes a completely different track, 'Myrrys', which is slow paced and extremely heavy yet climatic with many clean guitars and speaking deep vocals. The main thing in Aarni's music is the use of the instruments and voices to create atmospheric and experimental music (almost doom in many places because of the slow pace of the tracks).

Then comes Umbra Nihil starting with a more melodic approach and with more doom/death like vocals that makes the music darker and more sombre. Then they have hyper distorted guitars that contrast with the keyboards adding a lot of dark colours to their music. One thing essential here are the guitar melodies which make the songs even more deppressive and interesting. There are many parts where the bass work is essential such as in the middle of 'A Mere Shell' where the bass plays a melody that is soon combined with the guitars and whispering vocals. This Split is a must for fans of doom.

Favourite Tracks:
Aarni: Myrrys and Transcend Humanity.
Umbra Nihil: A Mere Shell and Determination