A Review of 'Tohcoth' by Erik of Lords Of Metal

Aarni is a weird one for sure. These Fins produce a crystallized doom fully integrated with orthodox doom and heavy metal parts, incorporating Lovecraftian and Jungian progressive avant garde rock with lots of space for even weirder influences like folk metal, ambient drone and seventies prog rock. Season with bits of Kabbala, alchemy and mythology and you come damn close to the sound of Aarni. Do you still follow?

Aarni stays true to the metal base by their guitar driven songs. It all is a bit more extreme than their debut 'Bathos', but the eleven songs with titles like 'Riding Down The Miskatonic On A Dead Thing' or 'Barbelith' are everything but boring. The recording of 'The Battle Hymn Of The Eristocracy' from the ancient scripture book Principa Discordia must be the first ever recorded version. Originality might be farfetched, but it is there! The vocals are sung in English, Latin, Finnish and Enochian (whatever that is) and can be irritating by times but compensated by the full produced sounds. This 'Tohcoth' is one step up the curiosa ladder.