A review of 'Aarni/Persistence in Mourning Split' by Aleksandar Nenad of Pure Nothing Worship zine.

On April 1-st of this year, Witch Sermon released Aarni / Persistence In Mourning split CD. From where do you know that date ? For what do you know Aarni? I believe you got the answers.
Now a bit about the music. The album is opened by Aarni with a sick doom track called 49 Angeli Boni. Vocal is that of Mr. Warjomaa and itís ___________(fill out). The song itself sounds like some drunken krautrock band that plays doom. Doesnít sound attractive ? Wrong!
Emuu is the second song of the disc and it reminds me of a video game I used to play as a kid. Itís Rayman. A perfect soundtrack for that game. Mister Warjomaa and his Aarni should go back in time and donate Emuu for a Rayman soundtrack.
Now something serious. Wait a minute, who said this was unserious ? So, Land Beyond the Night is next. An amazing song, on which a guest was an old Aarni comrade known under the pseudonym Genius Albert Frankestein. The song sounds as it fell out off an album of some progressive rock band from the 70ís. Vocal of the mentioned genius is incredible. The guy is amazing. This song would represent Finland on the next Eurovision. When they would introduce some quality on that ugly competition of stupid songs, maybe they would invite Aarni to represent them and this song would deliver something not stupid, I guess.
Lemminkšinens Tempel, psychedelic doom song is next. How to describe this creation? Mushrooms, graveyard, crying, universe, weed, sperm, pyramids, potato, Cathedral, middle ages, cock, Atlantis, Mayans and God knows what...Fucked up composition from which your head will spin.
Goetia closes Aarnies side of the split. What the fuck is this ?!?! I never had this much trouble to describe anything. Dial 1-666-999, call God and ask him for a description of this song, or resurrect Crowley. I donít believe they would know either. Describing this song is equal to a understanding the size of universe. That much!

From the sixth song Persistence in Mourning side comes. The Passage is first. If you just close your eyes and focus on this track you could feel the stale smell of catacombs. Itís not for clausthrophobic people.
A Tangled Mess of Veins is next. Wow! What a song title! What atmosphere, screams, sample, weight... There is a movie in which the main actors enter a monster made of dead people meat and they have to destroy something inside in order to kill the monster. A Tangled Mess of Veins has the atmosphere of that scene. Unfortunately, I canít remember the name of the movie. Those who remember have a candy from me.
Through Hellfire is next. Composition begins with an ambiental soundscape and it grows into a hell ride through the fire. You will have a feeling that you are tied to a wagon which leads you in depths of a mine which is actually hell. That journey will lasts for centuries and you will burn forever. Vocals totally deliver that feeling. Noise in the end will wake you up from that hell to prepare you for Purification (Or, Punishment As A State Of Existence), or the trip to the sanatorium. The track sounds as if it was recorded in a dungeon of a mental hospital. If it sounds that good, decide yourself.
Poking Holes in the Sky, which closes this split, is a heavy doom song with high screams which as if are coming from a tomb in which someone is buried alive. Screams end this composition too and that is the end of the best Persitence in Mourning material I know. This is an impossible mix of these bands. Each band has its own story which totally differs from one another. All of that gives some special feeling to this release. Get it or...(I donít want to cuss)

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