A Review of 'Bathos' by Utku of Sonic Splendour Magazine

Aarni's peculiarity commences from its colourful cover art, passes through an interest arousing thanks list in booklet and develops on 65 minutes minutes of doom soaked psychedelia. The word "doom" here does not necessarily correspond to a rigid genre definition, it can be read reverse as "mood" since Aarni's musical alchemy is a relieved hybrid of rock, folk, doom, ambient and even Floydian textures. Consequently, I guess this will sound too esoteric for conventional ears however given enough attention it will soon unfold and lead the listener inside the game. After all, a music that's inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche, Hakim Bey, William Blake, Aleister Crowley, William Burroughs, Hawkwind, Salvador Dali, Black Sabbath and Wilhelm Reich at the same time, cannot be crap!

Sonic Splendour Magazine